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Questions & Answers.
Below are some of the most common questions that members ask!
We will update this page as more questions become obvious.

Q.   How do I know what tickets are available?
Go to Availability, on the right-hand side you will see YES, SOLD OUT & an empty space.
YES means tickets are available, SOLD OUT is self explanitory & the empty space means that we are not taking bookings yet (usually future Cup Fixtures, we don't like to tempt fate)

Q.   How do I book tickets?
The only time we take bookings without payment, is following a Cup draw, (we still require payment a.s.a.p.)   Otherwise we only take bookings with full payment for HOME games & £30 deposit per ticket for AWAY games.   With both of these we require a booking form, or covering letter with relevant information.

Q.   How do I know if I have successful with my application?
As a policy we will only contact you if we encounter a problem!   But if you would like to confirm that we have received your application, then don't hesitate to contact us, via email, please.

Q.   What do I do next?
Contact us 14 days prior to the game, this is for us to know where you wish to get on the coach, for you to know what time we are leaving & to confirm the names of those attending the match as Arsenal need to know who is sitting in each seat.

Q.   How do I contact the South Wales Supporters Club?
By e-mail, if I haven't replied within 4 days please call or text.  
Please note when calling us, please call late afternoon or early evening (I work shifts).

Q.   How long do we have at The Arsenal Stadium?
On a weekend we arrive around mid-day.   Mid-week we arrive around 5p.m.
After a game, the Police will let the coach depart 20 minutes or so after the final whistle, once they tell us to go, then we have to depart.   The entrance we use is a 5 minute stroll from the bus parking area, so there is no need to panic about getting back in time!

Q.   What colour shirts are Arsenal going to wear?
I don't know!!!!!   As a general rule, if we are Away & the opposition wear red or white, then we tend to change our kit.   The same usually applies to Home Champions League matches.

Q.   Can I leave my bag/coat on the coach?
Yes, if your worried about your items safety, just have a quick word with the driver.

Q.     Do you sell refreshments on the coach?


Q.   There is a game that I really want to go to but it is sold out.   Do you have a waitting list?
A.   Yes, just contact us to let us know that you want to join the list.   Please note that we will let you know if tickets become available.   This could be a last minute phone call!

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